Asset Tracker


Smart Door Lock Tracker For Better Control


CAREU UC1 is a smart electronic cargo lock and GPS tracker made for sealing doors. UC1 is small and light, easy to use, it can be used to control door opening of  containers, trailers, trucks, vans and other assets. UC1 supports three unlocking methods:

  1. RFID  (with RFID card or tags)
  2. Mobile phone
  3. Fleet management platform
Advantages of the product
The tracker is designed and made in Taiwan
Allows eSim
UC1 is extremely light weight
Comes with a rechargeable battery
Easy opening and closing

The tracker also offers multiple alarms to improve the safety of assets and cargo.  It allows different cable lengths.

UC1 is vibration resistant, it offers IP68 waterproof resistance to weather and dust, also the tracker is IK07 for impacts.

The tracker comes with a rechargeable built-in battery of 6600 mAh, and strong magnets to fix on doors.