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Systems & Technology works with LINE to launch the paratransit integration service

October 02,2022
The leading brand in the market of fleet management and vehicle positioning system in Taiwan, Systems & Technology Co. Ltd., continues innovation and expands service foundation in the popular areas of smart bus and intelligent transport management (ITS). Systems & Technology demonstrated the comprehensive solution integration service with the connection to communication software LINE in Yunlin in the middle of July. It hugely increases the convenience of users and is scheduled to launch all over Taiwan gradually to provide the service to hundreds of thousands of people with disability.

  The service that is convenient to the public launched first in Yunlin avoids the huge workload of traditional APP development. Instead, it uses LINE, the most familiar communication software among people in Taiwan, to combine with the fleet management system integration solution developed by Systems & Technology. It integrates the services of paratransit booking, vehicle GPS inquiry, reporting passengers the pick-up and drop-off time, and contacting customer service personnel all on the interface of LINE. Other than making sure people can get familiar with it easily, it also significantly enhances the convenience to disabled and their family members when using it.

  The innovative performance from Systems & Technology under the smart city scheme subsidized by Administration for Digital Industries, Ministry of Digital Affairs has been applied to the operation of paratransit in Yunlin, Changhua, Tainan, and Kaohsiung. We will continue promoting it to other cities. The successful experience will be replicated to overseas to further step into international markets.