Thank You for visiting SYSTECH Booth in 2017 CeBIT Hannover

We would like to thank you again for taking time visiting our booth last week at 2017 CeBIT Hannover. It was a great pleasure to welcome you and we enjoyed many inspiring conversations.
A lot of visitors have taken a great interest in our GPS Tracking products and solutions, particularly in the new personal tracker P2 and the new version water proof GPS vehicle tracker, which we officially demonstrated during this exhibition.[...]

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Increase Your Company Profits with SYSTECH Fuel Management Solution

Fuel is a necessity for your small or medium business. When prices rise unexpectedly, you are stuck with having to pay high prices for fuel for fuel wasting.
Systech fleet management solution can increase vehicle fuel efficiency by identifying where in your fleet there is room for improvement and allows you to control fuel levels and fuel consumption.
Learn how Systech helps fleets everywhere improve and optimize their fleet management more efficiently.[...]

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Protect the People You Cared with Systech Premium GPS Personal Tracker CAREU P2

CAREU P2 GPS personal tracker with a compact size and easy-to-use interface, is designed for the elderly, children and lone workers. With built-in GPS/GLONASS and GSM connectivity, CAREU P2 is able to collect accurate position data and utilizes its GSM capabilities to send the data to a specific smart phone or server, and allow users to monitor people what they care. Furthermore, by the smart power-engine, the unit can keep in very low power consumption for longer operation life.[...]

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  • Lozalizador GPS de vehículos

    Gracias a sus especificaciones de alto nivel, el U1 Plus es ampliable y es compatible con una gran variedad de flotas comerciales con facilidad.

  • Localizador Personal

    El localizador personal PGS CAREU P2 tiene un tamaño compacto y una interfaz fácil de usar, siendo adecuado para personas mayores, niños y trabajadores invididuales.

  • Accesorios

    Sáquele más partido a los localizadores GPS con nuestros accesorios versátiles y compatibles par aaumentar el valor de su flota. 

  • Software de Gestión de Flota

    Gracias al software de gestión de flota de SYSTECH, los directores de flota pueden utilizar todos los datos consolidados en un una plataforma.

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Gestión de Flota
Gestión de Flota
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Sistema Telemátic

Localizador de vehículos para gestión de flota

La plataforma inteligente de SYSTECH & TECHNOLOGY® es ampliable, permitiéndole alcanzar sus objetivos de rentabilidad, prductividad, seguridad y gestión de flota. La tecnología de Systems & Technology está diseñada para ayudarle a aumentar su negocio.


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