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Buses are quite important in daily transportation and they contribute to reduce traffic, before the arrival of GPS and its usage in buses, it was quite hard to predict what time a bus was arriving or if it was coming at all.
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Did you KNOW…

GPS tracking devices installed in public buses along free bus-tracking apps for users, allows monitoring the movement of buses in the app and knowing what time they will arrive at a given bus stop. Users can see in real-time bus plate number, speed, number of scheduled stops along the route, current location, remaining time to next stop, making bus service convenient for users. At the same time the data helps control centre to take corrective actions when needed.


Systech developed a real-time bus tracking system, which allows users to follow the location of buses traveling along various routes at any time. The system also includes a fatigue sensor and ADAS to control driver behavior, MDVR to record inside and outside events, RFID for driver identification. These components help fleet managers to improve passenger safety and operation of the buses, checking if drivers adhere to safety protocol while driving, etc.

Case Studies


Intelligent School Bus Tracking System in Middle East

Systech provided the hardware and software and supported customers to integrate the system successfully, which gives real-time tracking information that keeps the fleet management in the loop. Monitors driving behaviour to improve the drivers and students’ safety.

Intelligent Bus Management and Monitoring System Project for Saint Vincent and the Grenadines

  • Systech established an intelligent video surveillance system.
  • Strengthen the functions of bus management institutions.